SightLine Expands Product Line to Serve Private Universities

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Wittenberg University is enlisting predictive analytics services from SightLine Data, as it aims to grow enrollment to 2100 students by 2020.  Additionally, predictive analytic data will be used in efforts to boost retention rates of first year students into their second year of study to 80%.

SightLine, the leading analytics solution for small- and medium-sized universities, brings hidden factors to light that holistically predict students’ success, enabling institutions to strategically allocate limited resources towards improving student outcomes. Collaborating extensively with Wittenberg University President Michael Frandsen and the enrollment management team, led by Carola Thorson, the project will kick-off in early 2019 with actionable results that may be applied towards the following student recruitment cycle.

Wittenberg’s caring commitment to its students, as reflected in the University’s mission and values, is enhanced by this deeper exploration of existing data by predictive analysis; promoting student’s growth as civically-minded graduates.

Beyond the administration’s goal of increasing enrollment and retention rates, the initiative will include an assessment of the kinds of students that thrive at Wittenberg according to traditional metrics and which kinds of students are a “best fit” for the University.

All of this will inform University administrators on how to best use University resources to ensure proper need- and merit-based financial aid which will, in turn, enhance recruitment, enrollment, and financial aid strategies throughout the student life cycle.

Previously, EdTech companies focused on the goal of filling the top of the student recruitment funnel through increased purchasing of student data. Instead of this “shotgun” approach to student recruitment, SightLine takes a more precise and focused approach by determining which individual students are most likely to enroll and stay at the university, while also assessing financial need throughout their student careers. The SightLine advantage over other EdTech companies lies in the ability to be both affordable and easy to implement, making the transition to Big Data both simple and viable.

SightLine founder, Ashley Kern says, “We have worked with public universities to create predictive analytics products that fit with the current needs of higher education, providing actionable results. We are excited to expand our product line to support private colleges, such as Wittenberg University, that face similar challenges.”

Propelled by SightLine’s success, the EdTech company raised its first round of investments to grow the business development team during 2018.

“Universities and the public are transitioning into a new era for education, where technology plays a pivotal role both in learning and administration. We help colleges and universities remain competitive by making predictive analytics accessible and viable to institutions of all sizes,” says Kern.

SightLine, INC is an investment-backed company helping higher education institutions better understand the data they already have. Using data science and algorithms, SightLine predicts student success, improves financial performance and graduation rates, and creates better engagement with alumni— at an affordable price, with no need for software or steep learning curves. SightLine has partnered with pubic and private 4-year institutions, and community colleges.

Founded in 1845 and affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Wittenberg University is recognized as one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. Located in Springfield, Ohio, a community of nearly 60,000 residents, Wittenberg is one of only 286 Phi Beta Kappa institutions in the United States. With a stimulating academic environment that includes more than 100 majors, minors, and special programs, a strong tradition of excellence in engaged learning, service, pre-professional and interdisciplinary studies, and athletics, as well as a diversity of experiential learning opportunities, Wittenberg annually transforms the lives of its students.

Ashley Kern, M.S.
Founder and Data Scientist
Tel: (989) 283-2266

SOURCE SightLine Data

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