MTEC Expands Programming

MTEC SmartZone (MTEC) announces that three of their team members are now certified GrowthWheel® Business Advisors. GrowthWheel® is a visual toolbox and cloud-based platform used by business advisors to help client companies make decisions and act. The tools help advisors and business owners get the right focus through a 360° view of the company. Today, GrowthWheel® is used by more than 2,700 business advisors, incubator managers, and entrepreneurship educators in 38 countries around the world.

Daniel Jamison, MTEC CEO; Jason Mack, VP of Business Development; and Patrick Visser, Chief Commercial Officer, have all completed the GrowthWheel® training and certification process to continue to enhance their abilities to serve and guide MTEC technology clients and technology businesses in and around Houghton and Hancock Michigan. Their training consisted of learning how to efficiently and effectively address needs within a business, find solutions that are best suited for the business, and to develop the best path for the business to become sustainable and successful. MTEC’s mission is supporting innovation in order to create economic growth and this platform better equips them to do so.

“GrowthWheel is a new methodology for MTEC that will allow us to apply a wide selection of well-designed tools, techniques, and rigor to more effectively support our clients throughout their journey,” said MTEC CEO Daniel Jamison. “Our team will continue to provide it’s SmartStart programming to all interested innovators, but the nature of high-tech clients either graduating from SmartStart or entering our system from other parts of our network requires a comprehensive, repeatable and robust approach to ensure their growth and success as they become contributing members of our economic community.”

To learn more about GrowthWheel go here.