Lt Governor Gilchrist Visits Houghton/Hancock Community

Sunday, October 6, 2019, Lt Governor Garlin Gilchrist arrived in the Upper Peninsula to tour the community. His visits to Houghton/Hancock began with seeing MTEC SmartZone clients Neuvokas and Orbion Space Technology. Both high-tech companies were able to showcase their facilities, share their stories and highlight their innovative work.

Lt. Governor Gilchrist continued his visit in the Houghton/Hancock community with a visit to Michigan Tech’s campus and meeting with the MTEC team along with a handful more of their clients. It was impactful for the Lt Governor to see both the university and MTEC facilities and hear their messaging because, together, the organizations work to promote high-tech research and create innovative, sustainable companies from it. Their alignment and stories are pivotal in supporting the high-tech economy in the Houghton/Hancock community. The conversation with MTEC clients highlighted the impact business accelerators like the SmartZones have on the success of start-up and early-stage companies. Our work and the work of our clients and the community play a role in impacting positive economic development.

It was a privilege and an honor to meet with Lt. Governor Gilchrist and be provided the opportunity to share the work being done in the Upper Peninsula. His trip continued on to Marquette where the same message would continue – high-tech innovative work is happening in the Upper Peninsula.

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