MTEC SmartZone helps develop innovative ideas into successful businesses. Our process begins by vetting an idea to determine business viability, and then provides education, mentoring, connections, and resources to transform your idea into a market-ready business. MTEC SmartZone is a publicly funded nonprofit who provides these services at no cost. Entrepreneurs retain full ownership of their business through the process. Our goal for every founder is to achieve commercialization, meaning they are generating revenue in the market, in a sustainable way.

Our process to commercialization includes:

  1. SmartStart, a seven-week validation and idea growth experience led by Jason Mack, our VP of Business Development, The SmartStart program is an excellent resource for anyone with a business idea. Our approach is designed to educate and guide entrepreneurs through validating and growing their ideas.
  2. Transformative Technologies, an acceleration program led by Patrick Visser, our Chief Commercial Officer, helps fast-track tech startups through one-on-one mentoring, connections to financial resources, preparing founders during pre-launch and supporting post-launch.

The process from intake to achieving successful commercialization can take time, and requires resilience and tenacity on the part of the founder and their personal network. Entrepreneurship is a wild ride, and we are here to guide and lead you through it.