Chuck Nelson, New Managing Partner and President of Xeratec Corporation

It is a time of great excitement for Xeratec Corporation. As we enter our 15th year, we are charting more dynamic growth and market expansion than ever before.

Xeratec  is building on outstanding success in products and services for information technology, data integration, automation and analytics. Using this strong foundation, Xeratec is aggressively capitalizing on new market opportunities to create customized software solutions for the education and construction industries.  Also in development are proactive strategies to fuel growth in the emerging cyber-security category.

At the core of Xeratecs’ success is our culture. Customers are attracted to our advanced technology products because our talented team of people also exudes an honest and healthy Upper Peninsula lifestyle.  In today’s fast-paced and sometimes perplexing business technology landscape, Xeratecs’ culture is a breath of fresh air.

We are thrilled to announce that the Xeratec team is expanding to help capitalize on our strengths  and propel our growth.

Over the past number of years, Steve Hillstrom developed a relationship with Chuck Nelson, Regional Chief Executive Officer of Aspirus because of their involvement with  local economic development initiatives.  As their relationship grew, Steve came to the realization that Xeratec had an opportunity to add management positions to help stabilize the company while allowing him to leverage his strength in technology and innovation. As a result of Steve and Chuck’s progressive collaboration, Chuck Nelson has become a managing partner and will take on full-time responsibilities as President of Xeratec Corporation.

In his role as President, Chuck will help fully harness the growth potential of Xeratec.  He will also take on daily administrative management as well as helping to attract new talent to Xeratec .  “I am very proud to be a part of a growing organization that values high technical competency and a strong culture.  We have a great platform that uniquely positions Xeratec to grow for the long-term.” says Chuck.

Steve Hillstrom will remain as the Chairman and CEO of Xeratec and is proud of the way the leadership team is expanding to compliment his strength in technology and innovation. In June of this year, Robert Vivoda joined Xeratec as  V.P. Business Development. Steve says “Rob brings a great go-to-market sales strategy to Xeratec.  He is helping us redefine how our customers perceive us and has already opened doors to many of the exciting opportunities that Xeratec is actively engaging in. And now, with Chuck coming on board, we have added highly experienced and energetic business management strength . Together, we are more capable and have the ability to be more responsive than ever before. It’s a very exciting time!”