Another SmartStart Success: Knot your Average Startup Rolls into Sales

HOUGHTON, MI – November 25, 2020 –

Veteran, local teacher, musician, and now entrepreneur, Jeff Hauswirth, from Houghton Michigan has a simple new product called Knot Away that was created out of personal need for muscle and joint relief.  His unique solution, a custom-designed massage ball, is ready and available for purchase, which he’s now selling through local and regional retailers.

Jeff Hauswirth knows a thing or two about pain. A 20-year Navy and naval reserves veteran, a teacher at Houghton Public Schools, and musician, Jeff has maintained an active lifestyle even though having lower back fusions, shoulder replacements and hip replacements. Over the years Jeff had tried many different ways to deal with his pain: acupuncture, physical therapy, cortisone shots. Each had its benefits, but he often found himself searching for something to more immediately relieve pain.

In 2018 while recovering from his first shoulder replacement surgery he attended a Veteran’s Entrepreneur Program (VEP) at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. It was there that he sketched a picture in his notebook of what might help his constant aches – like a foam roller, but something that wouldn’t require getting on the floor, since getting up from the floor was no easy task.  Through the VEP program, he was introduced to a mentor who specializes in product development.

Jeff’s solution, a uniquely designed massage ball, allows the user to target various muscle groups while standing up and leaning against a wall – something that few solutions can offer. One chiropractor in Minnesota noted how great it is for acute plantar fasciitis. “I am still learning how Knot Away has benefits beyond my initial design”, says Jeff.

“I am excited to be able to offer something like this, to people like me who struggle with pain”, says Jeff.

Jeff also attended MTEC’s SmartStart program to further develop his path to commercialization. “MTEC has been with me throughout and has been a great benefit long after I finished the program.” “I never would have thought I would be a business owner, but in just 2 years, this has gone from an idea to an actual, available product”. 

Pain doesn’t have to be a way of life, just ask Jeff. If you or someone you know is suffering from muscle and joint pain and is interested in trying something different, check out his website which contains videos of his product and testimonials from satisfied customers. Visit today for more information.