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Energizing High-Tech Business Growth


The MTEC SmartZone connects you to the organizations, people and tools you need to advance your business idea. Our network of business experts and thought leaders is a resource that helps you scale the right way, at the right speed, at the right time.


Our team inspires confidence in every entrepreneur. We are business navigators who provide customized support and work with you to validate your idea and give you the footing you need to move forward.


In order for a new idea to become a real business idea, innovators need help and guidance from people who understand the key components of the process. At every point of business development, applying the right activity and expertise helps ideas continue to progress.


As the heart of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, MTEC SmartZone is a driver of creating jobs in the Keweenaw.

  • We attract innovative thinkers and doers.
  • We fuse innovators together to collaborate and grow.
  • We advance ideas into successful, job-creating businesses that benefit our community.
  • We partner with Michigan Technological University (MTU) and other local assets.


MTEC SmartZone is directly linked with one of the world’s technology leaders – Michigan Technological University (MTU). The connectivity between MTU and the entrepreneurial community is leveraged in many ways:

  • Many of our successful high-tech companies have spun directly from university faculty, staff, and students.
  • The MTEC SmartZone team collaborates with university department leaders.
  • MTU leaders sit on the MTEC SmartZone Board of Directors

MTEC SmartZone is pleased to support a new program called  Michigan STEM Forward, a statewide program that matches students attending Michigan colleges and universities with internship opportunities at the state’s leading innovative companies. Companies do not have to be in a specific industry, but all internships must be STEM-focused. Michigan STEM Forward provides students meaningful career experience and promotes job retention in the state, while providing financial support to companies who hire these interns.

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